What you need to know before your first appointment

Your journey to optimal health starts with your initial appointment and continues with each follow-up visit. It is not always a straight forward journey; if you’ve been living with symptoms for years, you must give them time to heal.

Your initial appointment is scheduled for 60-75 minutes. This is an in depth discussion of your current state of health as well as past health history. You will discuss your current major health concerns as well as future issues you may be worried about. During this consult the Naturopathic Doctor will formulate a personalized treatment plan which may include further testing, dietary and lifestyle changes, and/or nutritional and herbal supplements. If acupuncture is recommended you will usually receive a treatment during this first visit (time permitting).

A follow-up appointment is typically booked within 4 weeks of your initial visit. At this time we will assess your progress and fine-tune your treatment protocol as well as go over any test results that may have been ordered.


Initial consultations are $185 and follow-up Naturopathic visits are $95; if you have insurance coverage direct billing is available to most insurance companies.

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Cancellation Policy:

2 business days’ notice is required to cancel or reschedule appointments. Patients who do not show up for their appointment or cancel at the last minute will be subject to a fee of 50% of treatment cost.

A large portion of the Naturopathic Doctor’s schedule is set aside for appointments. Please be considerate of their time, and others who may be on a cancellation list.

Intake forms are to be printed and filled out before your appointment. Please find the link to those forms below.